Rename the project in Bitbucket

Let’s say the existing project name as MyTestApp

I want to change the app name to sandbox-app

Let us see how to rename a project in bitbucket and as well as in local.


  • Login to bitbucket and traverse to your project and go to settings
  • Change the name from MyTestApp to sandbox-app
  • Save the changes

That’s it at bitbucket.


  • Go to project location. cd /home/loganathan/git/MyTestApp
  • Go to .git directory. cd .git
  • Open config file in vim. vim config
  • Change the name to sandbox-app in the url
  • Save and exit the file
  • Come 2 directories back, cd ../../
  • Change directory name from MyTestApp to sandbox-app. mv MyTestApp sandbox-app
  • Go to sandbox-app
  • Open .project file in vim and change name from MyTestApp to sandbox-app. Save and exit.
  • Open pom.xml in vim and change artifact and name to crawler-app. Save and exit.

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